Are you fed up of being the perfect parent? Fear not, this is your one stop shop for bad advice. Follow my Rubbish Mum Tips and you too can be a disappointment to your children.

Tip Ten

Don't pretend, as a parent, that you own a couch. You own a make-shift bed when your kids are ill and want to watch cartoons at 4 in the morning. You own an indoor trampoline. You own a place to... Continue Reading →

Tip Nine

Spend your time constantly moaning things like, "this house is a tip", "the washing goes IN the basket not on the floor or on top of it" and "ugh, why is everything so sticky" and eventually even your toddler will... Continue Reading →

Tip Eight

Pretend you are totally into getting fit an healthy and take up running so you have an excuse to get out the house for an hour to get some peace. I have decided to get back into running again as... Continue Reading →

Tip Seven

Can't find a roasting tray? Roast your Boxing Day ham in a spaceship to make yourself look like you really don't know what you are doing in the kitchen! This post is less of a Rubbish Mum Tip and more... Continue Reading →

Tip Six

Get out of my dreams and under my Christmas tree! That's Myles' Christmas sorted. Shame this isn't a real product. Today we took a trip to the city to go Christmas shopping but because of where we live, it takes... Continue Reading →

Tip Five

One sure fire way to let the world know that you don't have your shit together is to take all your kids to the supermarket. With all those sweets, toys and breakables to entice them, one of you is guaranteed... Continue Reading →

Tip Four

Forget child labour laws and get your children to make your Christmas decorations. They work for free and it makes them think you want to spend actual time with them (which you don't because they are tiny clones of my... Continue Reading →

Tip One

Sick of unsightly under bed storage and messy toys? Don't strain your voice any longer, screaming at your kids who can work a complicated iPhone or computer system but can't figure out the simple task of putting a thing in... Continue Reading →

Tip Two

Let your pet follow your child around when they eat to eat all the crumbs and cut down on cleaning! Yes, I will let my cat eat the crumbs so I don't have to sweep the floor for the fourth time by lunchtime. Misty, you're the real hero!

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