Let your pet follow your child around when they eat to eat all the crumbs and cut down on cleaning! Yes, I will let my cat eat the crumbs so I don’t have to sweep the floor for the fourth time by lunchtime. Misty, you’re the real hero!

One of the things I am most grateful for is the fact that we have put laminate flooring all through the bottom floor of our house. I am by no means a clean freak but I cannot stand a sticky or gritty floor. With two kids, a cat and a mechanic husband our floors are always dirty. We sweep a minimum four times a day and use our steam mop constantly. On the flip side, I recently started papering our kitchen and back porch and pasted the wallpaper on the floor. It was flat and had the space so I went with it. Here’s another tip – don’t do that! It’s disgusting and is a nightmare to clean.

Also don’t be like me and be lazy and let your pet eat the crumbs that your child drops; they will think they are entitled to your food and will never let you eat without wanting a bite. But if you have kids, you already know, your food is not your own anyway.