Sick of unsightly under bed storage and messy toys? Don’t strain your voice any longer, screaming at your kids who can work a complicated iPhone or computer system but can’t figure out the simple task of putting a thing in a box. Get an old fashioned valance sheet and cover the whole bloody thing! No more fights!

Our house is a tip. Constantly. I am a hoarder, my mum is a hoarder, her mother before her was a hoarder and I have passed on the hoarding gene to my daughter. It brought a tear to my eye the first time I heard her say, “but what if we could use it for something, some day?” to some piece of complete junk. If they made valance sheets big enough to cover entire rooms, I would buy one. Then I would buy extra, you know, just in case we needed them for something….someday. I once joked to my husband, in our old flat, that it would be easier to move than sort out my junk. Four months later and in our new home, I was sadly mistaken.