Forget child labour laws and get your children to make your Christmas decorations. They work for free and it makes them think you want to spend actual time with them (which you don’t because they are tiny clones of my husband and I and we are awful people)


Of course I kid, I love spending time doing activities with my children but due to the age gap it is difficult to find things they both enjoy doing. My daughter loves spending time with me, you can get her to participate in the most menial task as long as you do it with her. My favourite thing is to get her to help me sort the mass of odd socks we accumulate which she can find joy in, as long as we make a game out of it and do it together. My son however, tolerates my existence. He wants me around simply to assist him in the things he cannot do. To feed him, change his nappy and kiss his owies from his indoor parkour fails. That is all I can expect from him just now unfortunately.

I tried to get him to help wrap presents which was one of the most stressful things I’ve encountered this year and we moved house the week before our wedding. After wrestling with paper, scissors and sellotape for over an hour to wrap five presents, not including the bag Myles tried to sellotape shut with the cat in, I decided to finish washing the dishes. During this time, I said to Myles and Misty, “since you have been so good and that wasn’t the most stressful time of my life, you can open everyone’s Christmas presents now.”   Well I’m not sure exactly what I said but this is what they heard because I came back to all the presents unwrapped. *SIGH* I’ll sort this mess later!